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Diretor da Newsletter de Jurisprudência

Maria João Mimoso


Research interests 

Private International Law
International trade law
International Civil Procedural law
Commercial Mediation
Comparative Law
Family Solidarity
Family and Succession Law

Maria João Mimoso is Professor of Private International Law, Commercial Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution and Programme Coordinator for the LL.B in law at the Law Department of Portucalense University.

Professor Maria João is a member of the evaluation panel of the FCT, doctoral and post doctoral degrees in Law and Political science 2013 and she is also part of the Management Committee of COST action IS 1311 Intergenerational Family Solidarity across Europe (INTERFASOL).

Professor Mimoso is also a Research group Coordinator at the IJP, Editor of the IJP Research Papers Series, member of both the Management and Scientific board and Director of the Portuguese case-law newsletter.

Professor Maria João Mimoso is involved in some internationally funded research projects.

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