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International Research Network for Law & Wine

International Network for Law and Wine is an international network that includes research institutions and individuals who research law and wine. The main goal of this network is to achieve results that would not be possible working as standalone researchers or institutions. With networking the world-leading personnel and institutions in the field of Law and Wine, the network is aiming to deliver results effectively and efficiently by looking to apply the complimentary research capabilities of all partners to maximise synergies and to increase the pace of discovery and uptake by industry. The research network is intended to support forums for the discussion and exchange of ideas on law and wine in the broadest sense. All members are encouraged in cross-discipline collaboration including history, business and economics, viticulture, social science, tourism, etc. The intention is to facilitate interactions between researchers and stakeholders through various forms of linking between the legal research area and the industry. The aim of these activities is to stimulate new debate across traditional boundaries, especially creating space for inter-disciplinary approach in research of Law and Wine, and to maximise opportunities for bringing new insights, creativity and knowledge to the research area.

International Research Network for Law and Wine is an informal association without legal personality, connecting excellent research in Law and Wine and all other related fields of research to generate and exchange new knowledge, develop entrepreneurial opportunities, stimulate innovation and contribute to the development of EU wine and viticulture industry with improvement of its competitiveness, quality, productivity and overall performance. All members of the network have a commitment to produce world-class research through the international network and/or regional partnerships. Members of the International Research Network for Law and Wine are also engaged in number of regional or national networks. Each member of the network is independent, with distinct capabilities, research achievements and successes.

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