Consumer Law - New Approaches in the Digital Economy

The present project aims to host, frame, organize and support research studies and their results, developed by the universe of IJP members, in the various dimensions of Consumer Law, focusing on reflection and discussion of issues and challenges that the Digital Economy presents us today, tracing paths and seeking solutions that, in practice, respond and make effective as possible the primacy of consumer protection or the vulnerable party in consumer relations. Mainly through innovative approaches and / or renewed looks, to the extent that, as taught by Heraclitus of Ephesus (540-470 BC), “life is a flow, a constant becoming …”. In this sense, the project intends to accompany the vertiginous evolution of the complex regulatory framework of Consumer Law, national and international – especially European – caused by information and communication technologies (ICT); as well as to contribute to more knowledge and better scientific production, through various initiatives to be detailed in its own headquarters. It also aims to provide special guidance and support to research work for Masters, PhD and post-doctoral courses that may be framed within the Project’s theme, always under the guidance and supervision of specialists integrated researchers of the IJP.


Fernanda Rebelo

Investigadora Responsável

Rute Couto


Susana Almeida



IJP researchers Fernanda Rebelo, Maria Manuela Magalhães, Olívia de Carvalho and André Matos will take part in the XXVI Semi-presential and International …

The 1st Post-Graduation Course in Consumer Law is taking place, organized by the Department of Law in partnership with DECO (Portuguese Association …

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