Eva Dias Costa

Group Coordinator (UPT)

Welcome to our Research Group!

Our group is dedicated to studying and analysing property-related issues, encompassing areas such as tax law, labour law, corporate law, banking law, and other related legal branches. We aim to approach these themes while always considering the individual as the centre of legal relations and the bearer of responsibilities. We also emphasise the practical applications of advancing legal sciences, aiming to impact society and the legal system positively. We actively encourage the participation of Master’s and PhD students in our research and activities, providing them with valuable opportunities for growth and development.

Research areas

  • Tax Law: Study the norms and principles governing taxation and oversight and the analysis of tax policies to achieve equity and efficiency in revenue collection and resource distribution.
  • Labor Law: Investigating workers’ and employers’ rights and duties, ensuring fair working conditions and promoting balance in labour relations.
  • Corporate Law: Analysis of norms and practices related to the formation, organisation, and operation of companies, aiming to promote corporate responsibility and transparency.
  • Banking Law: Study laws and regulations involving the banking and financial sector, seeking solutions for consumer protection and financial system stability.

Practical Applications

Advancing legal sciences and research in these areas leads to practical applications that positively impact society. Some examples include:

  • Developing fair and efficient tax policies that promote economic growth and social welfare.
  • Improving labour regulations that protect workers’ rights and promote fair labour practices.
  • Encouraging corporate responsibility and transparency to minimise fraud and enhance investor confidence.
  • Strengthening the banking and financial sector’s regulations to protect consumers and maintain system stability.

Supporting Master´s and PhD Students

Our research group is committed to fostering the active participation of Masters and PhD students in our projects and initiatives. Involving students in cutting-edge research and practical applications enhances their educational experience and contributes to the legal field's overall development.

Partnership and Collaborations

In addition to our research, our group seeks to establish partnerships with academic institutions, governmental entities, and non-governmental organisations, fostering knowledge exchange and experiences to drive the development of the legal field.

ongoing projects

finished projects

Participate in our activities

We invite all interested parties, including Master's and PhD students, to participate in our activities, such as seminars, workshops, and publications, to advance legal sciences and strengthen the rule of law. Follow our events calendar and register to participate.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or want more information about our research group, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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