Fernanda Rebelo

Group Coordinator (UPT)

welcome to our research group!

In the Persons group, the key word is THE PERSON. The research focuses on the Person in all its dimensions:

  • Human being;
  • Being in evolution;
  • Being with the other;
  • Family being;
  • Social being;
  • Legal, biological, ethical, moral being…
  • Subject of rights.


Finished Projects


On 20 March, the International Seminar “Human Rights and Guaranteed Limits of Imputation in Criminal Law” took place. Director: Maria Esther Martínez …

The 1st Post-Graduation Course in Consumer Law is taking place, organized by the Department of Law in partnership with DECO (Portuguese Association …

In addition to the main models of human development, this training programme will cover Parenting and Family Systems, as well as the …

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