International Politics and Governance

Pascoal Santos Pereira

Group Coordinator (UPT)

welcome to our research group!

The Research Group “Politics and International Governance” has as its object of study the political phenomenon in its multiple manifestations. This group brings together researchers with different scientific backgrounds such as International Relations, Law and Political Science and collectively articulate their work around projects that analyse and problematise concepts (such as national and international security, peace and conflicts, democracy, human rights), processes (such as globalisation, foreign policies, decision-making processes and multi-level governance with stakeholders of different nature) and actors (such as states, international organisations and non-state groups/entities with some kind of ascendancy in international society).


Finished Projects


On 19 February, at 9.45am, Universidade Portucalense held a conference entitled “2 years of Ukraine-Russia war: challenges and perspectives”. The initiative brought …

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