Diversity of Enforcement Titles in cross-border Debt Collection in EU (EN4S)

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The research will focus on the study of enforcement titles in cross-border enforcement within the EU. The research will contribute to a better understanding of differences in structure, content and effects of judgements in individual Member States. Furthermore, the impact of these differences on cross-border enforcement will be examined. Research will further focus on the differentiation of dogmatic and empirical concepts of different enforcement titles in the framework of recognition and enforcement. In addition, project team will analyse the importance of terminological barriers that occur during the course of cross-border enforcement. Likewise, an important part of the research will be the analysis of possibilities for overcoming obstacles to cross-border enforcement resulting from a technological progress.

Leading Research Unit: Legal Procedure

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José Caramelo Gomes

Responsible Researcher

Cátia Cebola


Eugénio Lucas



Institute for Comparative Law at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Chamber of Notaries of Slovenia (Slovenia), CEPRIS (Slovenia), University of Rijeka, Faculty of Law (Croatia), University of Graz (Austria), Masaryk University, Faculty of Law (Czech Republic), University of Wrocław (Poland), Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania), Boleo Global sl (Spain), Leibniz University of Hannover (Germany), University of Maastricht (Netherlands), Uppsala University (Sweden), UCLan Cyprus (Cyprus), University of Tirana (Albania)
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