Seminar integrated in the “Derechos Humanes de Migrantes y Refugiados” Project, of the Research Group “Dimensions of Human Rights” of the Instituto Jurídico Portucalense, Universidade Portucalense (Porto, Portugal).

Direction: Prof. Dr. Pedro Garrido Rodríguez

Academic Coordination: Prof.Doctor André Pereira Matos

Inaugural Conference: Profª.Professor Drª.Mª.Esther Martínez Quinteiro, from Universidade Portucalense Infante Dom Henrique (Portugal).General Coordinator of the Research Group “Dimensions of Human Rights” (GP DHR), IJP / UPT, Profª.visitor to UFMS / Br, Lecturer of the UNESCO Chair for Youth, Education and Society (UCB / Brasilia): The right to asylum in Spain and the coronavirus pandemic.

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