Past and Present of Human Rights

Its objective is make an interdisciplinary study of Human Rights based on the sciences of Law and History. It contains a macro project and two sub-projects: one about the Human Rights of the Children; another one about the Human Right of Security.

Leading Research Group: Persons


Maria Esther Quinteiro

Responsible Researcher

António Carlos da Silva

Catholic University of Salvador

Camilo Barbosa

University of Michigan

Carlos Henrique Rodrigues

State University of Maranhão

Fabiana Spengler

University of Santa Cruz do Sul

Gilmar Bedin

Integrated Regional University of Alto Uruguay

Goretti Pereira

UPT PhD student

João Batista Romão

Attorney General of the Republic

José Rodrigues

Deputy Public Prosecutor (Leiría)

Lívia Rodrigues

Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Bahia

Patrícia Rocha

Polytechnic Institute of Leiria

Silvana Winckler

Community University of the Chapecó Region

Wilson Engelmann

University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos

Human Rights of the Child and Right to Human Rights Education (DEHNDEDH)

Maria Esther Quinteiro

Responsible Researcher

Olívia Carvalho

Co-Responsible Researcher

Gender and Human Rights (GDH)

Maria Esther Quinteiro

Responsible Researcher

Dionara Graça

University of Salamanca

Doglas Cesar Lucas

(UNIJUI) Brasil

Karla Vieira

SVT Faculty: São Luís, MA, BR

Lais Locatelli

University of Salamanca

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