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  • Guimarães, A. P.; Castilhos, D. S., & Barata, M. S. (2020).
    The concept of "issuing judicial authority" from Joined Cases C-508/18 and C-82/19 PPU (Lübeck Parquet Case) and possible echoes in the European Investigation Order in Portugal. Revista Jurídica Portucalense, 28, 4-29. DOI: 10.34625/issn.2183-2705(28)2020.ic-01. Available in the UPT Repository

    Castilhos, D. S., Pacheco, F., & Barata, M. S. (2020). Commentary on Case C-324/17, Gavanozov, 24 October 2019: The principle of mutual recognition versus Fundamental Rights. Revista Jurídica Portucalense, 28, 30-58. DOI: Disponível no Repositório UPT

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